Peter Sjunnesson Named New Chairman of the Board of Alektum Group

With a long and solid experience from the fintech and debt collection industry, Peter Sjunnesson takes the role of chairman of the board of debt collection company Alektum Group. He succeeds the owner Tommy Gustavsson,…

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Our Actions Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

We monitor the situation on each of our markets continuously and respond to each new development accordingly. Our main priority at this stage is to reduce the potential risk of contamination and spreading of the COVID-19 virus in our community. We have therefore implemented the following actions as of today,…

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Regjeringen har Besluttet Endring på Forsinkelsesrenten

Fra 1.januar 2020 gjelder følgende nøkkelsatser for salærer og gebyrer i inkassobransjen. Inkassosatsen fra 01.01.2020: 700,- (uforandret fra 2019) Rettsgebyr fra 01.01.2019: 1172,- (opp 22,- fra 2019) Standardkompensasjon for inndrivelseskostnader (forsinkelsesgebyret)Jfr. forsinkelsesrenteloven §3a første ledd:…

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